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Joanna Nelson ART GALLERY


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A little bit about me

Born in the Napa Valley in 1972, Joanna Nelson has always loved art and its power to amuse, delight and provoke. Joanna spends her days at her drawing table creating the charming fantasies which have become her hallmark. From Tikis to Ouija boards, Nelson mixes mordant humor with popular icons in enchanting concoctions of color and textures. She readily accepts commissions, tailoring her artistic creations to the individual tastes, themes and venues of her clients. Her keen sense of humor and brilliant thematic renditions have made her a favorite of Internet patrons of the arts. She is collected by a vast array of clients -- restaurateurs and innkeepers, software companies, wineries and individual collectors -- appealing to the whimsical, the childlike and the wickedly satirical all at once. Filled with wit, humor, fantastic imagery and a naivete of conception, Joanna Nelson's art can always be read on a deeper level if one looks a little closer, revealing several layers of meaning and, more often than not, another little chuckle. Her work is equally charming in the boardroom as it is in the nursery, the kitchen or the pool side bar, versatile, fun-loving and light-hearted.
Joanna is currently selling her art work on ebay under the ebay ID: gr8shapes, and can also be contacted through email at Joanna is happy to adapt her images and artwork to many different media, from wedding invitations and theme parties, to letterheads and logos.

I'm a non traditional self taught Artist. At all times I strive to provide stimulating new avenues on which the viewer can travel. I have developed my own style of painting that surpasses the limits of time, color, and space. Taking images of mundane objects from our everyday life, and transform them into whimsical paintings.

UPDATE 12/05: I recently had my work published, and also made it on to the back COVER of new book " Creative Minds"! If you would like to order a copy of the book or view a few sample pages, please go to and click on the "new book" link! It is a beautifully put together, quality book that features traditional and digital art, as well as photography from over 250 talented artist from around the world!

UPDATE 4/08 - A New book NOW AVAILABLE! BIG EYE ART: Resurrected and Transformed. The publisher is Merrell Publishers of London and New York

Toni Boozer is the author and Jasmine Becket-Griffith presents the foreword. The book is available at major outlets such as Barnes and Noble and Books-A-Million, as well as Amazon, and can probably be ordered through any of your local book stores.

Artists featured in the book are; Abril Andrade, Sherri Baldy, Jasmine Becket-Griffith, Misty Benson, Toni Boozer, Chrissy Clark, Lindsey Cormier, Candice Dillhoff, Dennis Finley, Mark Gleason, Kelly Haigh, Carrie Hawks, Noelle Hunt, Valerie Jeanne, Elizabeth Victoria Knowles, Lisa Luree, Christine Mohr, Joanna Nelson, Lisa Petrucci, Alexandria Sandlin

All of J. Nelson's art work is protected by Joanna Nelson copyright. I reserve the right for all print copies of this art work. Please do not copy any part of this art.